NFRJ site has been moved

The NFRJ Site has been moved as follows:

Accesses to the old site will be redirected to the new site.

We took effort to retain old file names. Most pages are accesible with the old URL replacing “http://www.wdc-jp. .... contents/” with “”. However, unfortunately, some irregular URL changes occur because of technical reasons.

(1) Use lower case characters for all alphabets in directory/file names. Lower-case URLs are cannonical in our new site, although the case-insensitive mechanism allows accesses with upper-case URLs.

(2) We have moved some HTML files in subdirectories:

nfrj08ken/ -> nfrj08ken_index.htm
nfrj08ken/*.htm -> nfrj08ken_*.htm
nfrj08panel_news/ -> nfrj08panel_news_index.htm
nfrj08panelwg/ -> nfrj08panelwg_index.htm
nfrj08panelwg/*.htm -> nfrj08panelwg_*.htm
nfrj98wg_news_doc/ -> nfrj98wg_news_doc_index.htm
nfrj98wg_news_doc/nfrj98_wg_news*.htm -> nfrj98wg_news*.htm
pdf/*.htm -> b/*
Created: 2012-05-01. Updated: 2013-09-19.