National Family Research of Japan, 2008-2012 Panel Study (NFRJ-08Panel) Publication

National Family Survey of Japan Panel StudyNFRJ-08Panel)Primary Report

PDF files of the reports are available from the lists below. English files are available in some chapter.

[PDF] I Survey Outline (English)[455KB]

[PDF] II Descriptive Analysis of Survey Results「Ⅱ 基礎統計量報告」(Japanese)[5MB]

[PDF] III Report of Results 「Ⅲ 研究報告(簡易版)」(Japanese)[4.3MB]

[PDF] IV Materials「Ⅳ 資料」(Japanese)[2.9MB]


I Survey Outline
1 Aims and Design of the Survey
2 Features of the NFRJ-08 Panel and Its Possibilities
3 Features of the NFRJ-08Panel in Comparison with Other Panel Surveys
4 Features of the Questionnaires(s)
5 Collection Status
6 Attrition with the NFRJ-08 Panel
II Descriptive Analysis of Survey Results
1 Descriptive Analysis Principles
2 Distribution of Basic Attributes and Responses to Once-Only Questions
2.1 Sex, Birth Year, Age, Educational Background, Town Size, DID (Densely populated areas)
2.2 Once-Only Questions
3 Events
4 Variables Changing during the Period
  4.1 Occupation of Respondents
  4.2 Marriage and Spouse
  4.3 Life in General
  4.4 Children
  4.5 Parents
  4.6 Siblings
  4.7 Parents-in-law
  4.8 Household, Attitudes etc.
III Report of Results
1 Socio-Economic and Family-Related Factors Determining Women’s Employment
2 Changes in Work-Family Conflict
3 Changes Over Time in Attitudes towards Gender Roles Regarding Division of Labour: Focus on Sex/ Generation/ Educational Background
4 Retirement and Changes in Household Chore Responsibilities
5 Substitutive Relationship between Spouses’ Household Chore Responsibilities
6 Child Birth and Changes in Life Satisfaction/ Household Chore Satisfaction/ Childcare Satisfaction
7 Change Over Time and Determining Factors of How Parents Relate to Their Children
8 Features of Child Rearing Generation in NFRJ W1, W2
9 Influence of Retirement on Mental Health
10 Changes in Inter-Generational Support Between Different Points of Time (OR during the Time Period) and Its Causes
11 Female Employment (OR Women’s Employment) and Mental Health
IV Materials
1 Data Cleaning
2 List of Research Results
3 Survey Sheets (wave1-wave5)