NFRJ08 Questionnaire

If you imported questions for your surveys from these questionnaires, please give acknowledgements in your reports or papers.

Files for NFRJ08 Questionnaires

Download the NFRJ08 questionnaire PDF files: for the three versions of questionnaire.



All of the PDF files have the white background. We printed the questionnaires on green, pink, and white papers. There were no printed information on the questionnaires to suggest the age of the target respondents. We distinguished among the three versions of questionnaires by the color of the paper.

Strictly speaking, these PDF files are different from the questionnaires used for the survey, because of technical problems in desktop publishing. In the PDF files, there are many dots in the right and the lower margin on the second page and after. Those dots are displayed in substitution for circle number characters with user-defined fonts. In the printed version of the questionnaires to which the respondents answered, the characters were properly printed as circle numbers. The problem appears in the margin area for the guidance of data punchers. It does not interfere with the layout and contents of the questionnaires.

NFRJ08 Questions

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