National Family Research of Japan, 2008-2012 Panel Study (WAVE4)

NFRJ-08Panel WAVE4 Outline

Title for the survey in fiscal 2011 and 2012
National Family Research of Japan; Follow-up
Survey name (Japanese)
Zenkoku Kazoku Tyousa Paneru Sutadhi
Survey name (English)
National Family Research of Japan, 2008-2012 Panel Study
Survey organizer
The National Family Research committee of the Japan Society of Family Sociology
Survey company
Tyuuou Tyousasya (Central Research Service Inc.)
JSPS Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research 2009-2013 (KAKENHI #21243034)
Survey date
January 2012
Survey area
All over Japan
NFRJ08 respondents who agreed to participate to the panel surveys (1,879 persons)
Collection rate
Survey method
Mail survey
Depending on the marital status, survey sheets were divided into two types: one for single respondents and one for married respondents. For those who got married during the wave, a survey sheet for newly weds was distributed afterwards.

NFRJ-08Panel WAVE4 Questionnaire Outline

  • Basic attributes of the respondent (Q1-2)
  • Attitude towards family-related norms (Q3)
  • Effects of the Great East Japan Earthquake (Q4)
  • Life events during the past year (Q5-6)
  • Employment, work-family relations (Q7)
  • Marriage, spouse relations, marital attributes (Q8-14)
  • Health (Q15-18)
  • Relations with children, pregnancy, birth and employment (Q19-20)
  • Health of parents and parents-in-law (Q21)
  • Household information (Q22-23)
  • Support network (Q24)
  • Income (Q25)

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Log of Activities

  • December 2011: Newsletter volume 5 sent to the participants of the surveys.
  • December 2011: The WAVE4 survey design decided.
  • January 2012: The WAVE4 mail survey being conducted.
  • June 2012: Newslatter volume 6 sent to the participants of the surveys.
  • June – September 2012: Data cleaning (WAVE1 – WAVE4)

NFRJ-08Panel Working Group

  • 2012-03-10 (Sun.): The 7th conference (at Toyo University, Tokyo). Results from WAVE1 – WAVE4 Survey data.
  • 2013-08-23 (Fri.): The 8th conference (at Nanzan University, Nagoya). Results from WAVE1 – WAVE4 Survey data.

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