National Family Research of Japan, 2008-2012 Panel Study (WAVE5)

NFRJ-08Panel WAVE5 Outline

Title for the survey in fiscal 2012 and 2013
National Family Research of Japan; Follow-up
Survey name (Japanese)
Zenkoku Kazoku Tyousa Paneru Sutadhi
Survey name (English)
National Family Research of Japan, 2008-2012 Panel Study
Survey organizer
The National Family Research committee of the Japan Society of Family Sociology
Survey company
Tyuuou Tyousasya (Central Research Service Inc.)
JSPS Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research 2009-2013 (KAKENHI #21243034)
Survey date
January 2013
Survey area
All over Japan
NFRJ08 respondents who agreed to participate to the panel surveys (1,879 persons)
Collection rate
Survey method
Home delivery (leave and pick-up)
We Prepared a One research cheet for all respondents. For those who got married during the wave, a survey sheet for newly weds was distributed afterwards.

NFRJ-08Panel WAVE5 Questionnaire Outline

  • Basic attributes of the respondent (Q1-2)
  • Attitude towards family-related norms (Q3)
  • Life events during the past year (Q4-5)
  • Employment, work-family relations (Q7)
  • Marriage, spouse relations, marital attributes (Q7-13)
  • Health (Q14-17)
  • Relations with children, pregnancy, birth and employment (Q19-20)
  • Parent relations (Q20)
  • Sibling relations (Q21)
  • Parents-in-law relations (Q22)
  • Household information (Q23-26)
  • Support network (Q27)
  • Income (Q28)
  • Information on family of orientation (Q29-33)

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Log of Activities

  • March 2012 Newsletter volume 7 sent to the participants of the panel survey(s)
  • December 2012 The research design of the WAWE5 mail survey decided
  • January 2013 The WAVE5 survey (by home delivery) conducted
  • July 2013 Newsletter volume 8 sent to the participants of the panel survey(s)
  • July – December 2013 Data cleaning (WAVE1 – WAVE5)
  • The WAVE1-WAVE5 data completed

NFRJ-08Panel Working Group

  • 2014-02-28 (Fri.): The 9th conference (at Toyo University, Tokyo). Results from WAVE1 – WAVE5 Survey data.

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