NFRJ Preliminary Survey (1997) Family and Husband-Wife Relations Survey


Survey name (Japanese)
Kazoku to Huuhu Kankei ni Kansuru Tyousa
Survey name (English)
Family and Husband-Wife Relations Survey
Survey organizer
Japan Society of Family Sociology, NFR Kenkyuukai [National Family Research Study Group]
Survey company
Central Research Service Inc. (Tyuuou Tyousasya)
Men and women aged 40 to 59 living in Tokyo’s 23 Wards
Sample size
450 people (surveyed 304, response rate 67.6%)
Survey period
October 1997
Survey area
Tokyo’s 23 Wards (29 points)
Sampling method
Stratified two-stage random sampling
Survey method
Leave and pick-up
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[Questionnaire and basic tabulation:]
1. Respondent and family attributes
Gender; marital status; year/month married; living with spouse (yes/no), frequency eating dinner together; days off are same/different; location of spouse living separately, time required to go between homes, frequency of in-person meetings, frequency of telephone calls or letters; type of domicile; person who assisted in purchasing a home; number of people in household; relationship of people in household; head of household; primary income source; primary dependents; annual household income; For respondent and spouse – year and month of birth, age, level of education, graduated (yes/no)
2. Work
First job (employment type; age and year/month hired; type of work; number of employees at that company), respondent and spouse are employed (yes/no), type of employment, year/month quit, type of work, year/month hired, number of employees, annual income, health status, time of day returning home each day
3. Children
Gender, year/month born, surviving/deceased
4. Family/home
Family; husband-wife relations; awareness of gender-based roles; dealing with problems that occur in family life; opinion of husband and wife having separate last names; hiring outside help with house work, time/labor saving methods; respondent and spouse participation in household chores; people helping with household chores for free; support network
5. Husband and wife relationship
Communication; husband-wife companionship; support from husband to wife, support from wife to husband; expectations of role of spouse; satisfaction with married life; do you consider your spouse family?; power relationship between husband and wife

Data and Results