Log of the Activities for NFRJ03

The Second National Family Research (NFRJ03) was conducted under a subcommittee of  The National Family Research committee of the Japan Society of Family Sociology : Dai 2 Kai Zenkoku Kazoku Tyousa Zikkou Iinkai [NFRJ03 Committee]. This committee was the center for the implementation of NFRJ03, as the name suggests. Through the combined efforts of the committee members, and by sharing the burden among members, they shouldered the responsibilities of implementing this project, including planning survey design, creating the questionnaires, and negotiating with the subcontractor. NFRJ03 was funded by KAKENHI #13301012: Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, fiscal 2000 to 2003, Basic Research (A) (1) “Modern Japanese Family Trends Research” representated by Watanabe Hideki, Professor at Keio University. Sampling was completed in 2003 and the survey was completed in February 2004.

The first interim report was published in April 2005. Through joint use by the Japan Society of Family Sociology members, the second interim report (2 volumes) was published in April 2006. The dataset was made public through SSJDA (Social Science Japan Data Archive by the University of Tokyo, Institute of Social Science) as Survey Number 0517.. Since the survey planning stage in February 2002, we formed NFRJ98 Kentou Kenkyuukai [NFRJ98 Working Group] to review outcomes and problems from NFRJ98 research results. This resulted in the NFRJ03 survey implementation and task assignment plan (as of 2002-09-23, in Japanese).

December: examine proposed schedule, organize NFRJ98 Working Group
February: Convene the NFRJ98 Working Group (convened monthly)
May: Examine the status of NFRJ03
August: Report the results of the NFRJ98 Working Group
October: Examine the NFRJ03 Implementation Plan
December: Examine framework for survey form
February: Examine the preliminary survey plan
April: Select a subcontractor for this survey
May: Examine the sampling method
June: Finalize the preliminary survey form, implement preliminary survey
August: Determine the sampling method, examine the main survey form
September: Report the review results of the NFRJ98 data at the Thirteenth Japan Society of Family Sociology Conference
October: Finalize the main survey form
November: Perform sampling
December: Create the main survey form
January to February: Implement the survey
February to October: Data cleaning
September: Deliver NFRJ03 progress report at the Fourteenth Japan Society of Family Sociology
November: Create First Report
April: Publish First Report
April: Start joint society use and establish study group
August 6: Convene study group
January 6, 7: Convene study group (Keio University)
April: Publish Second Report
Around July: Release individual survey results through SSJ data archive at the University of Tokyo Institute of Social Science