National Family Research of Japan 2008 (NFRJ08)

The 3rd survey (NFRJ08) was conducted in Jan.-Feb. 2009. We published the first report containig the outline, materials, documents, and basic tabulation in Apr. 2010. We also conducted the NFRJ08 Joint Data Use Project (closed to the JSFS members) in 2010-2011. We compiled papers from the project as the second report (four volumes) in Sep. 2011. We have deposited the NFRJ08 dataset at SSJDA (Social Science Japan Data Archive by the University of Tokyo, Institute of Social Science) as Survey Number 0817 since Feb. 2012.

Results from analyses of NFRJ08 data have been published as journal articles or conference papers. See the list of works using NFRJ08 data.

NFRJ08 Outline

Survey name (Japanese)
Dai 3 Kai Zenkoku Kazoku Tyousa
Survey name (English)
National Family Research of Japan 2008
Survey organizer
The National Family Research committee of the Japan Society of Family Sociology 
Survey company
Central Research Service Inc. (Tyuuou Tyousasya)
Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research 2006-2009 (KAKENHI #18203030) by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
Survey period
January to February 2009
Survey area
All over Japan
Sampling method
Stratified two-stage random sampling.
Survey method
Leave and pick-up

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