National Family Research of Japan, 2008-2012 Panel Study (WAVE2) Questionnaire

NFRJ-08Panel WAVE2 Questionnaires

Download the NFRJ-08Panel questionnaire PDF files: for the three versions of questionnaire. All questionnaires of NFRJ-08Panel surveys were originally written in Japanese.



NFRJ-08Panel WAVE2 Questionnaire Outline

  • Basic attributes of the respondent (Q1-2)
  • Marriage-related norms: Looking for a spouse; separate family names for spouses (Q3-4)
  • Life events during the past year (Q5-6)
  • Employment, work-family relations, income (Q7)
  • Marriage, spouse relations, marital attributes (Q8-14)
  • Health (Q15-18)
  • Relations with children, pregnancy, birth and employment (Q19-20)
  • Health of parents and parents in-law (Q21)
  • Household information (Q22-24)